How does it work?

Q1. How does Tealgo work?

Tealgo is a platform to capture and preserve family memories and pearls of wisdom. Once you open an account you can open a request where we will pair you with a Tealgo Pro who will capture your families’ unique stories in their own voices through a conversational style video interview in familiar surroundings. Try it

Q2. What kind of memories can I put on Tealgo?

At Tealgo, we believe that every family had a unique story filled with special memories. We aim to capture these no matter what they are, some examples of what they could be are: your conversations and pearls of wisdom from your loved ones, your unique ways of celebrating holidays and festivals, your families special recipes, the gurgles and first birthdays of young ones, graduations, weddings. We aim to capture everything you would like future generations to see and experience. It’s your family’s personal history stored in a precious digital alcove .

Q3. Why should I use Tealgo?

Digital memories are transient. They could disappear at the crash of a hard disc, the loss of a storage device, or the passing on of a loved one. Tealgo is one place you can always rely on to keep your families’ memories safe. Save and preserve the loveliest memories for when you need them the most. Sign up

Q4. What do Tealgo Pros record?

Some examples of things Tealgo Pros can record are personalized interviews, family banter, stories and traditions, recipes, things that make you proud, and words of wisdom. They are not limited to those. They can be as natural or formal as you would like them to be.

Q5. Do I have to plan or rehearse what is being recorded?

It is a video interview but more conversational and extempore in style in a familiar setting that will be precious to you rather than rehearsed or choreographed one.

Q6. Can I add a contributor to my family storyline? Can I share my library with others?

Yes, you can choose to share your library with others. Click on share button once your files are uploaded and add the emails of people who you would like to share your content with. We will send them an email to view your library.

Q7. Can I request an industry professional instead of a Tealgo Pro?

Yes, we can work with you to meet your need to get a professional photographer or a videographer. The rates will be adjusted based on your requirements. Contact us here for more details

Q8. How do I pay?

All payment is done directly through our website using a credit card, no cash needed. Sign up and open a request to see our different packages.

Q9. Can I tip my Tealgo Pro?

Right now, we have not built that functionality, so we suggest that you don’t tip right now. A recommendation or a way to improve the service is a better reward.

Q10. Is there a cancellation fees?

Yes. There is a 25% cancellation if you cancel within 48 hours and 50% if you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled time.

Q11. Who has access to your library?

You decide which part of your memories goes into the public space and which ones are for special access to specified members only.

Tealgo Pro

Q1. Who is a Tealgo Pro?

Every Tealgo Pro is an independent contractor whose background is checked with references. Most of our Tealgo Pros are not professional videographers or photographers, but rather trained folks who live locally and are looking to collect stories across generations while making money.

Q2. How do I become a Tealgo Pro?

You can apply to become a Tealgo Pro here

Q3. Why be a Tealgo Pro?

This is a perfect role for someone looking to set your own work schedule. You will make money while connecting with people in your community. To become a Tealgo pro, all you need is a smart phone or a video recorder, Internet connection to upload, a reliable mode of transportation, time availability, and a kind personality.Ready to sign up?

Self upload

Q1.What is a self upload and the limit of it?

Self upload is a feature where you can upload a short video or photos that will supplement your family library. This is useful when we make highlight videos. The limit of the uploads is

Q2. Why should I use self upload when I store my photos/videos somewhere else?

Tealgo is not a replacement for storing all your photos or videos, there are many good solutions for that in the market. Self upload is useful for adding that extra special photo, video or document that can be used either for the highlight video or be a part of your library.


Q1. What is a highlight video and how do I request that?

A highlight video is a short video that is about 3 minutes in length (we can discuss the length). This captures highlights from one or multiple videos. It is a video that can be used during family reunions or gatherings or just something for you or to share.