Tealgo is a platform to capture and preserve meaningful memories from your loved ones and special people for generations. This is done by connecting the loved ones with local providers who enable the conversation and the recording of real and relatable recollections including family traditions, advice, pearls of wisdom, family recipes, celebrations, achievements, newborn baby chatter, wedding stories, family stories, family memories, holiday memories, graduation stories, and anything that is worth remembering. The recording is done in familiar and informal settings, like the loved ones’ homes to make them comfortable and bring back the fondest memories.

Tealgo also creates highlights of these recordings that can be used during special occasions like reunions or anytime you need to hear the voices of your loved ones.


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Services Offered By Tealgo

Capture and preserve conversations through video recordings
Interviews in the voice of your loved ones
Highlights videos for special occasions like reunions
Recording of the family history in the words of the loved ones by local providers
Recording of real and relatable recollections including family traditions for generations, pearls of wisdom, family recipes, celebrations etc

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